Hi, I’m Mike, and I’m the principal artist and writer of Steve and Horse. What follows is a very rambly explanation of how this comic came to be.

Practically a lifetime ago, my roommate Jesse and I had big plans of animating our own cartoon show. We wrote quite a few scripts (none of which revolved around a horse), and even animated a few in various mediums – Flash and Lightwave 3D being two of our favourites. We entered them into some animation contests, got a little air time here and there, and some rejection letters. Post-secondary education slowed things down, then it picked back up after we graduated (or in my case, dropped out), and slowed down again when we decided that protecting the citizens of Paragon City for a number of years was more important.

Even though we weren’t creating any cartoons, we were usually discussing them – inventing characters and scenarios, trying to flesh out how the scenes would play out, etc. One idea we kept coming back to was a horse, who was actually a serial killer on the run from the law. We created Steve, a directionless down-on-his-luck 20-something in need of a roommate, to pair Horse with in a very Odd Couple sort of situation. The idea evolved over the years but we never really hit a stride with the two characters that would have let us fill a semi-regular cartoon. We kept a mental inventory of the ideas though, and kept building on them – often during conversations with friends and family.

In early 2012, I began a new job as a web developer with a great company, and happened to strike up a conversation with the resident Graphic Designer, who in his free time illustrates Pickle Zombie. I mentioned the old idea for Steve and Horse, we bitched for a while about how hard Horses are to draw and how awesome Raptors are, and I don’t really recall the flow of the conversation after that. I got home from work that day and told Jesse about my idea to start Steve and Horse as a Webcomic, we hashed out a few more details and a bit of a story arc, and I got to work on character art.

My sister Trish and her husband Reed also lend a lot of creative input to the Steve and Horse story – the 4 of us collectively plotted out a good 5-7 comic arc while driving to see The Avengers on opening night. It’s a very informal process.

The 4 of us also post some pretty random musings on Fresh Squeezed Brain. I should also mention that we’re Canadian, so you Yanks can expect to see the letter U in unfamiliar places, Rs and Es brazenly juxtaposed, and a whole slew of metric.

So that’s it. Welcome to Steve and Horse, the tale of a Serial Killer and his Roommate.